The Secret to Making Mind Blowing Images Like These With Just a Basic DSLR

light painting long exposure photography

Tired of shooting the same old boring photos? Are you frustrated because you can’t seem to make it any further with your compositions? Does your heart pound a little faster every time you see photos like these?

star trail photography anton

hdr photography oregon

Or this?

levitating banana photography

I understand. Great art and magic tricks always leave people breathless. But what if you could create photos just like these, or even better? How would you feel seeing your photos appreciated and shared all over the internet, and people coming to you and asking how you did it?

I know! Me too. :)

Trick Photography and Special Effects Review

Meet Evan Sharboneau, an expert in creating mind-blowing compositions using amazing special effects, some of which are unbelievably simple and easy to do.

evan sharboneau

He just released the 2nd edition of his wildly popular Trick Photography and Special Effects book, a 295-page ebook that teaches you how to create breathtaking shots and cool special effects, you never thought possible with your camera.

The book also comes with 9 hours of how-to video tutorials and more than 300 jaw-dropping images to show you what’s possible if you just put your mind to it and let your curiosity and creativity run wild.

Now you can take advantage of Evan’s tremendous creativity and long hours of experimentation to accelerate your own learning, forever escape the stifling “newbie” or “intermediate” circle of photographers and unleash your creative powers.

trick photography and special effects testimonial

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After downloading the 295-page ebook, you’ll find 9 hours of videos structured into 3 modules:

  • Module 1: Light Painting and Long Exposures
  • Module 2: Trick Photography and Special Effects
  • Module 3: Photoshop Projects

Each module contains chapters and sub-chapters, so that at any given time you can jump to just about any page and start applying all the new ideas and techniques. Plus, for each module Evan has created 9 hours’ worth of video tutorials, taking you step by step through some of the best photography tricks I’ve ever seen.

Here is just a small selection of the videos you’ll get inside:

 trick photography and special effects video tutorial

Basically, what Evan does is bust the myth that only a select group of high-end photographers with ultra-expensive gear could possibly achieve such results. No! This book is geared toward anybody who owns a DSLR camera and has the burning desire to experiment and sharpen their skills.

The information inside this course is unbelievably easy to apply. Most of what you need is right at your fingertips; plus you don’t even have to own Photoshop. You can very well use a free trial version, or even Gimp.

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Inside Module 1: Light Painting and Long Exposures

  • Full of suggestions of aperture and shutter speed values
  • Tons of examples and explanations of some very cool tricks, like “reaching into the monitor”

photography trick with no photoshop

  • Examples of both light drawing and painting

light painting photo manipulation

  • Or multi-colored physiograms: unbelievably simple!
  • You’ll also learn steel wool spinning, like in the image below:

steel wool light painting

Plus, the book is filled with a lot of extra references for additional resources like YouTube videos, Flickr groups, or users to get even more inspiration for your projects.

More great content in this section:

  • Motion blur advanced tricks & explanations
  • Brilliant long exposure examples
  • Star trails step-by-step guide, including white balance setting, equipment and camera settings, plus some really cool secret star trail tricks

star trail long exposure tree

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Module 2, Trick Photography and Special Effects, includes:

  • In-camera illusions such as forced perceptions, upside-down reflections and other cool tricks, such as the “Transparent Monitor”:
  • High-speed photography

high speed photography water splash

  • Double exposures
  • HDR photography step-by-step tips, including post-processing
  • Infrared photography – learn how to quickly see if your camera is suited for infrared photography

infrared photography horse

  • White balance adjustments and color corrections for infrared photos
  • Cool 360-degree advanced panoramas

360 panoramas photography

  • How to use your DSLR (or even a point-and-shoot for this one) and a free program to create stunning panoramas.
  • Evan will walk you through all the steps from setting your camera to stitching the images on your computer.

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Some of these tricks may seem a little too techie for you, but Evan’s explanations and step-by-step guide simplify all the processes and make them easy to try them yourself.

Module 3, Photoshop Projects, is jammed with more cool stuff:

  • Amazing tricks with layer masks
  • Also, learn how to create sequence photographs, like the one below:

sequence multiplicity photography

  • Or discover the secret behind some really amazing levitation photos (like the banana shot at the beginning of the post)
  • Optical illusions and 3D stereoscopic photos
  • Fake tilt-shift photos
  • Shocking flesh manipulations

flesh manipulation photoshop layers

  • Or other tricks like the “Invisible Man”:

invisible bicyclist

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Final Thoughts

For me, reading Evan’s book was like taking a plunge into a cool geek’s head. You can really tell this guy is extremely passionate about what he’s doing and you can almost feel his enthusiasm lighting you on fire. In my opinion, there is no way you could go wrong with this product.

The only downside, though, is that for some people the book might seem a bit too lengthy at first. Remember, these amazing tricks can be done by anyone with a minimum understanding of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, along with basic photo editing skills.

But it takes a burning desire to succeed in order to keep up with all the cool effects and tricks Evan’s about to share with you inside his course.

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Plus, if you act now, you also get four FREE e-books that cover other important techniques and information, such as:

  1. Core Photography Fundamentals
  2. Filters for Lenses, Plug-ins for Photoshop
  3. Introduction to External Flash
  4. How to Make Money with Photography

bonus ebook

If you are serious about your photography, and most importantly, if you’re tired of browsing through hundreds of amazing photos on Flickr while silently telling yourself that one day you’ll be able to take a shot just like that:

evan sharboneau

Then this is your moment!

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Click here to visit Evan’s site and check out his great introduction video that shows how he does some of his magic.